Are you starting out on your point of care journey, do you want to set up an individual test or testing service and you are not sure of where to start or what suits your needs get in touch?

Getting it right first time can save time and unnecessary expense.


Install and roll out of point of care testing devices and tests requires several elements and oversight for the project to go smoothly. POCT testing install, and implementation can be complex due to the number of stakeholders and tasks involved.


Procurement of POCT equipment, consumables and or IT software can sometimes be complex. If you need assistance navigating procurement of equipment, this can be done by assessing your requirements.

Quality Management

Ideally, POCT should be performed within a quality managed framework. A test result is only useful if it is correct, and the best way to do this is by implementing all or some elements of a quality management system. 

Some facilities require compliance to certain international and national standards, but in general, having a quality control program can ensure accurate results. 

Quality Assurance

In order to ensure that results are accurate and risks to obtaining the wrong results from an analytical test or testing device. a quality assurance program should be implemented. 

Risk Management

Traditionally, diagnostic testing is performed in a laboratory environment with specialised trained medical scientists in a quality assured environment. Implementing the elements of a quality management should be implemented to minimise the risks of diagnostic testing being done outside the laboratory environment.

If you need a risk assessment of your setup or insights into risk mitigation, we are here to help.


Training is an important part of any POCT setup particularly in the early stages. We can help with setting up a training program and competencies, train the trainer, documentation and traceability. This will empower your staff and your organisation.

Technical Documents

Policies and procedures should be written for a properly managed, governed and compliant point of care environment as part of a quality management system. This supports operator training and confidence and also standardisation of procedures and processes, reducing error and variability.

IT Mapping

Most POCT devices can be connected for upload and download of data, both for patients and results. Explore the ways you can optimise processes within your organisation and/or across geographies. 

Engagement of Internal and External Stakeholders

Engaging the right people gets the best outcomes and results for the success of your POCT strategy.